Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 13 – Skagway

Today we visited Skagway.  What a cute little town!  They’ve done a great job to make it look like early 1900’s, complete with a boardwalk and all.  We walked around for a bit and did our necessary shopping for a magnet.  One building that fascinated me was this one.  The front is covered with over 7,000 pieces of drift wood. 

Then we boarded the White Pass and Yukon train for a ride up the mountain.  Each tour group was assigned to a specific car.  Here’s Bruce with our car.

The weather was not on our side for this.  We didn’t go far before we ran into snow.  Normally we cruise to escape this kind of weather.  It was just wrong to trade our 80 degree record-setting spring for all this snow!  I can assure you we won’t visit Alaska in May again.  Brrrr, it was really cold up there.

Once we reached the summit, which was in Canada, we took the bus back.  I’m sure this part of the tour would be gorgeous in the summer when you could see all the lakes.  All we saw was a whole lotta snow instead.  When we got down the mountain further, we came to the sway bridge which spans a fault line.  They’ve had to add 10 feet to it because the abyss has expanded that much.

We stopped at an overlook for a chance to take a picture of the ship.  Here she is in all her glory…

Back on board, a nice hot shower was a great way to warm up again. 

Stay tuned…

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