Monday, May 7, 2012

Days 3, 4, & 5 - Ship and Icy Strait Point

Life is great on board the Radiance of the Seas.  We’ve seen lots of people that we’ve cruised with before and it’s always fun to reconnect.  The ship is even more beautiful after her “facelift” last year.  

Yesterday was a sea day as we sailed through the Inside Passage.  It rained almost all day, so I didn’t get the camera out in it.  I got a good start on my new secret project and I’m feeling fantastic about it.

As a wannabe insomniac, I’m finding the 4:55 AM sunrise a little challenging.  We have a large window over our bed which lets a lot of light in.  I’m already feeling a little sleep deprived.

Today we arrived in Icy Strait Point.  The little village is called Hoonah.  The day started out with a steady drizzle.  I have to say I hope we get to see some of Alaska without the veil of drizzle.  It sure is getting old.  Fortunately it let up just in time for our tour, although the day remained gray.   The water reflects the sky, so it also looks dull gray.  We went to the Spasski River for a Bear and Wildlife Search.  This is the river where the salmon swim upstream to spawn, and the bears come there to catch them.  The only animals we saw were 2 mosquitoes and a red squirrel - and I couldn’t even manage a picture of them!  I was disappointed we didn’t see more, but the river and the forest were beautiful.  Here are a few pictures…

We did see an abandoned eagle’s nest.  The eagles abandoned it because another tree fell against this tree which made it possible for martins and minks to climb up and get the eggs.  I thought the way the light was shining on the moss was interesting.

 When we got back to the pier, we saw this bald eagle soaring above us. 

Then we saw this silly raven stealing French fries from the table outside a café. 

The highlight of the day for me came when we got back on the ship.  I went out to the bow on the helicopter pad and got some great pictures of a seal with a fish in his mouth.  A bird was dive-bombing him, trying to steal his fish.  I love nature!!

And of course, I got some whale shots – a tail, a double-header, and then one shot with a whale, a whale spout, an eagle, a passing ship, and a mountain background.

I had a great time taking pictures (433 to be exact).   Tomorrow is the Hubbard Glacier, assuming we can see it through the rain.

Stay tuned…

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