Thursday, May 3, 2012

Days 1 & 2 - Vancouver

Well, I managed to complete the packing process including everything I thought we would need.  We had a quiet flight and a safe arrival.  The hotel is perfectly located in the heart of downtown Vancouver.  It's quite nice, although small.

We had planned to have dinner with my friend Helen last night, but unfortunately she was unable to make it.  We were all very sad, but it simply couldn't be helped.  All the more reason to plan another trip here!  We had a nice dinner at a pub next door to the hotel. 

I think I should have named our blog "Drizzly Greetings".  It's been a rainy stretch of days here and not forecast to change until well after we have sailed away.  It let up for a short while yesterday - long enough for us to walk a few blocks to China Town. 

We were searching for the world's narrowest building, but apparently it's so narrow that we walked right past it.  It's only 6 feet wide.  We expected it to be a free-standing building, but it's actually attached to another building.  Here's a few shots of it that we took today when we walked back there.  These were taken with my old camera because I didn't want to get the new one out in the rain.

Here's a view from the front, which is why we missed it last night.  But when viewed closely you can see how no more than 2 people can stand side by side in each office.

Some other interesting features include the Chinese-influenced iron gate and the glass sidewalk. 

Today we awoke to a steady drizzle that never let up.  We waited until noon so it could warm up a bit before we ventured out to Gas Town, the oldest area of Vancouver.  They have preserved the world's first steam clock - and I LOVE clocks.  The cool, damp weather allowed me to capture a great shot of the steam coming out the top.
The other main historical site of Gas Town is the statue of "Gassy Jack". 
His name was really John Deighton.  In the mid-1800's he opened the first saloon in the area, where all the lumberjacks and miners would gather.  He earned his nickname for his "gassy monologues".  The saloon burned down in the fire of 1886.

We saw two funny signs - one for Bruce and one for me.
I must say, if I ever had a store it would definitely sell chocolate and ice cream!  

I love these 2 shots...
We wanted to go to Stanley Park, but decided not to in the rain.  Perhaps we will be able to see it on our turn-around day next week.  We had a nice Chinese dinner tonight.  Now it's time to shift gears and get ready to board Radiance of the Seas tomorrow.  Hopefully I haven't spoiled you with all these pictures.  When I'm writing from the ship it takes too long to upload them.  So there'll be fewer of them, but hopefully better quality from the new camera.

Stay tuned....

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  1. Great pictures!!! I can't wait to see more!