Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 15 - (Catching Up with) Ketchikan Again

Sorry for the long delay.  Several of you pointed out that you "stayed tuned", but I didn't.  It was for a variety of reasons, the first of which was the spotty internet service we had.  I kept falling behind and then trying to play catch-up every few days.  It was seriously difficult to get photos to upload with the slowness of satellite internet - so it would take me about 90 minutes or more to create each posting.  Then once we got home it was hectic catching up here as well.  Back to the mountains - of mail, email, laundry, etc.  But here I am finally finishing the last few days of the trip for you.   So pretend we're back on May 16... 

Day 15 – Ketchikan Again

We had a rough ride into Ketchikan and arrived to a cold, drizzly day.  I had decided to make a few purchases, so we bundled up and braved the weather for a stroll around town.  I didn’t take any new photos, so I’ll show you a few from last week.

This is a statue in the “town square” next to the pier called “The Rock”.

And this is the only bear we saw…

It was pretty cold so we didn’t waste any time getting back to the ship.  The internet was blocked by the mountains again, so we just relaxed and enjoyed the time on board. 

There’s just one more sea day left as we sail toward Seattle.  Usually when a cruise is winding down I feel very sad to see it end.  I’m not feeling that way at all this time.  Hmmmm, I wonder why?

Stay tuned…

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